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People are messed up.


People are also hilarious.

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We’re a podcast. We say funny things about terrible things. Then we find the good.

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#96 – Happy Retirement, Perv

“I’m so baked.” Usually, that’s the ideal statement before attempting to listen to an episode of The Bright Side. This week, however, it could just as well have been said by our subjects, the brave women and men who get stuffed into cakes and pies, only to thrill some retiree who’s just one sexual harassment suit away from the full […]

#95 – The Oy! of Pepsi

Remember the good old days, when the worst thing that Pepsi did was set Michael Jackson’s hair on fire? If you’re nostalgic for that, well, two things. First, you have a problem. Second, dig in, because this week the guys are travelling back to the Philippines of 1992 to blow open the case of Pepsi’s disastrous bottlecap promotion, wherein they […]

#94 – GroundLab

These days, it’s hard not to feel like the sky is falling all the time. What if it really did, though? This week, the guys plunge into the story of SkyLab, the world’s first successful space station. Representing the pinnacle of scientific advancement at the time, SkyLab was the precursor to the International Space Station and the crowning jewel in […]

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