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People are messed up.


People are also hilarious.

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We’re a podcast. We say funny things about terrible things. Then we find the good.

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#17 – Nice Sass

This week, the guys uncover the inspiring story of Billy Haines, the biggest movie star you’ve never heard of. In 1930s Hollywood, the draconian Production Code led to the blacklisting of many of America’s greatest talents, including the top-grossing star of 1930, Billy Haines. What dark secret led to Billy’s erasure? Here’s a hint: if he’d just married Joan Crawford, […]

#16 – Jesus, Mary and John Lennon

In honor of Independence Day, this week the guys look into a time in history where Americans heard a celebrity say something they didn’t agree with, and simply respected that person’s right to free speech and freedom of expression. Ha! Just kidding! John Lennon said something about Jesus, so America lost its damn mind! Pop a cold one, light some […]

#15 – Zooooooooool

Boo! Sorry we scared you! Go cry to Patrick Swayze about it. This week, the guys learn about the creepy history of the Greenbriar Ghost of West Virginia, who sought (and achieved) revenge on her killer. Warning: you might not want to be alone for this one. Go dig up a friend and listen together!

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