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People are also hilarious.

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We’re a podcast. We say funny things about terrible things. Then we find the good.

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#10 – The Original Queens of Shade

Fasten your seatbelt…it’s going to be a bumpy show! This week, the guys discuss one of the great celebrity feuds of all time, that between the first shady queens, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Katy Perry and T Swift have nothing on these two! As a bonus, we also learn some cardinal rules of Hollywood: (1) Don’t piss off the […]

#9 – We Didn’t Start the Fire…No, Wait, We Did.

This week’s episode involves the freaking Energizer Bunny of fires, started in Centralia, PA in 1962. Want to know when it will go out? Well, then, you’re more curious than the residents of Centralia! Stay tuned for the most frustrating city government in the history of botched Memorial Day celebrations. Also, this week we learn about spontaneous combustion. Spoiler Alert: […]

#8 – London’s Bad Year, Part 2 – Try Peeing on It

In the second part of our first two-parter, the guys look into the blazingly shitty experience that befell London just as it was recovering from the buboes of the year before. That’s right, get ready for the Great London Fire! Cruise out on the river, grab your golden bucket and fill it with popcorn for this one!

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