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People are messed up.


People are also hilarious.

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We’re a podcast. We say funny things about terrible things. Then we find the good.

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#30 – I Like Beer!

Take me out to the ball game! Throw hot dogs at my head! Knife me and kiss me and scream at me. I won’t care, cuz the beer’s almost free! Yes, it’s Ten Cent Beer Night in Cleveland, Where thousands of fans broke the law; Its a nightmare for normal folks, But a dream for Kavanaugh!

#29 – Do You Hear The People Sign?

There are millions of Deaf Americans. Tone deaf Americans, unfortunately, outnumber them massively. This week, the guys learn all about the 1988 Deaf President Now! movement within Gallaudet University, a school for the deaf in Washington, DC. It’s an inspiring story of peaceful protest, unity, and corndogs, a story which will leave you filled with the spirit of Les Mis, […]

#28 – The End of the World…With Dance Breaks!

The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming! But first, a word from Colgate Toothpaste! This week, the guys scan the airwaves for the truth behind Orson Wells’ infamous “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast of 1938, which caused a nationwide panic, launched the career of a Hollywood legend, and led to the first recorded case of a lawsuit being […]

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