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People are messed up.


People are also hilarious.

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We’re a podcast. We say funny things about terrible things. Then we find the good.

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#118 – Flatty-Boombalatty

What would life be without the ability to look down on other people? This week, the guys look down from a great height, high enough to see the curve of the earth, in order to delve into the Flat Earth Movement. We promise, it’s just as dumb as you’ve come to expect from us.

#117 – A Happy Ending at Blue Ball Creek

Are you blue? Now, is it just a feeling, or are you literally blue? This week, they guys set off into the wild blue yonder to learn about the Blue Fugates of Kentucky, a clan of people with a rare genetic condition that turned their skin blue for generations. If you’re not tired of hearing the word “blue” yet, stay […]

#116 – Intensylvania

Pennsylvania is not really known for being the focal point for intense tragedies, but maybe we should reconsider that reputation. This week, the guys revisit the home of the Centralia Fire (featured on the show all the way back on Episode 9) to stare into the murky depths of the 1948 Death Fog of Donora, PA. Maybe try not to […]

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